• ABB machinery drives ACS355, 0.5 to 30 hp/0.37 to 22 kW

    Frequency Drives by ABB

    You base your business on cost efficiency and performance. You know that everything counts to make you more competitive. Our drives are made with all this in mind. They are flexible for you to optimize all your processes and control, and reliable for less downtime.
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    GENSETS by Cummins

    Cummins With a GENSET powered by Cummins Power Generation technology you can be prepared for any disaster that threatens the thing we have become so dependent upon in this day and age… electricity. For many people, the thought of purchasing a standby generator never crosses their mind; until they lose power. Be prepared for when the storm comes.
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Contractor Supply Corporation

Contractor Supply Corporation (CSC) is a family owned business located in Macon, Missouri.

Exceptional Supplies & Equipment

We provide a wide array of products and services ranging from pressure washers, air compressors, automotive lifts and equipment, contractor supplies, building materials, tools, and much more. We are constantly expanding, and add products daily. It is our goal to provide our customers with the best products and services possible.