Automotive Equipment

Automotive Lifts


11,000 lb two post asymmetric lift.

  • 11,000 lb lifting capacity
  • Asymmetric design
  • Chain driven
  • Dual cylinders with low friction chain rollers
  • Automatic arm restraints
  • Electric override. Auto safety shut-off
  • Powder coated paint finish

Download full spec sheet (PDF)

Tire Changers


Semi-automatic heavy-duty tire changer.

  • Swing arm style
  • Manual mount/demount
  • Four pneumatic clamps and double acting cylinders
  • Side mounted bead breaker
  • Bead seating inflation jets in clamping jaws
  • Lubricator, water separator and air pressure regulator

Download full spec sheet (PDF)

Wheel Balancers


  • Self calibrating
  • Self diagnosis
  • Optimization program
  • Static balancing
  • ALU-S balancing for light alloy rims
  • Split function (hidden weights)
  • Multiple operator program
  • Three centering cones
  • Weight storage
  • Pegs for accessories
  • Hood, hammer, speed nut and caliper standard
  • Optional motorcycle adapter is available

Download full spec sheet (PDF)