About Us

Contractor Supply Corporation (CSC) is a family owned business located in Macon, Missouri. We provide a wide array of products and services ranging from pressure washers, air compressors, automotive lifts and equipment, contractor supplies, building materials, tools, and much more. We are constantly expanding, and add products daily. It is our goal to provide our customers with the best products and services possible.

CSC was created in 2013 with the purchase and re-branding of the existing company, GBC. GBC was primarily focused on the manufacture and sale of pressure washers. In addition to that, GBC specialized in air compressors, automotive equipment, and various tools. They also provided service ​for the various equipment sold. Once purchased, a new company was formed, and the transformation began.

Several new product lines were incorporated into CSC. Electrical and plumbing sections were created. Accessories for pressure washers and air compressors were expanded. CSC became a dealer and service center for Honda Engines and Cummins Generators. A full line of Irwin and Lenox tools were added to its shelves. CSC continue​s​ to add products and services on a daily basis.

Macon Metals

In 2014 Macon Metals was created within CSC. At Macon Metals, we purchase coils of steel from the manufacturer and roll-form them into sheets and various trim for buildings. We offer many colors and types of steel, as well as a full line of screws, foam closures, and other building products.

Since creating CSC, we have made it our mission to improve upon the pressure washer design of our predecessor, and create a machine that is rugged, efficient, and meets the many needs of our customers. We have redesigned our pressure washer, and incorporated only the best materials, parts, and components. We love our new pressure washer, and we think you will too!

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