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The Ultimate Wood Heat

There is no more efficient way to heat with wood.

Since 1984, Central Boiler has been developing better designs to heat with wood. Today, Central Boiler is the largest outdoor wood furnace manufacturer because the improvements they continue to make give customers more efficient, cleaner burning, and more cost-effective furnaces.

CSC is a proud partner of Central Boiler, offering their full line of furnace products. Call or contact us for more information or visit CentralBoiler.com

Heat Your Entire Home, Domestic Water and More with Less Wood

Introducing the Classic Edge Titanium HDX outdoor wood furnace. Classic Edge 360, 560 and 760 models are among the most efficient outdoor wood furnaces that are EPA 2020 Step 2 Certified. In the U.S., the Classic Edge 960 HDX is currently for non-residential use only. 

High efficiency means less wood is needed to heat your entire home, domestic hot water and more. The titanium-enhanced stainless steel firebox is impervious to corrosion and designed to last a lifetime. Thousands of families rely on their Central Boiler furnace to provide warmth, safety and comfort while eliminating their high heating bill and giving them a better quality of life.

26% of the purchase and installation costs (with no cap or lifetime limit) for tax years 2021 and 2022; reduces to 22% in 2023 (under Sec.25(D) of the U.S. tax code). Taxpayers claiming a tax credit should consult a tax professional with any questions. Neither CSC, nor Central Boiler, is responsible or liable for the taxpayer’s ability to receive tax credits.

Insulated Piping System

CSC can provide you with a complete selection of parts and accessories to simplify the installation and maintenance of your system. 

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Choose ThermoPEX. Because performance matters.

Choosing the best insulated piping system for your outdoor furnace is imperative if you want to lower heat loss and reduce the amount of wood you’ll burn. The ThermoPEX insulated piping system from Central Boiler is a proven system that saves energy and maximizes the efficiency of your outdoor furnace. 

ENERGY EFFICIENT – ThermoPEX saves energy and maximizes efficiency. The thick waterproof jacket keeps moisture out and the inner urethane insulation locks the heat in. Greater system efficiency maximizes the delivery of heat from each pound of wood so you will burn less wood compared to a system using inferior insulated piping. 

RELIABILITY – ThermoPEX is a proven, time-tested insulated piping system.

FLEXIBLE AND INSTALLS FAST – Easy to handle and easy to install, requiring only a narrow trench approximately a foot deep.

More Outdoor Furnace Models Available

Included with each outdoor furnace
Water Test Kit, Cleaning Rod, Scraper Tool, Ground Rod Kit and two 4-foot chimney sections.

CSC is an Authorized Central Boiler Dealer

When you’re looking for a wood heating system, CSC is there to answer questions, provide you with literature about Central Boiler outdoor wood furnaces and help you choose the model right for your heating needs.